Butt dialing 911

I don’t begrudge the cops the occasional easy nab. They’re just as prone as the rest of us to take the low hanging fruit, especially if it means they don’t have to get worn out chasing some idiot. The combination of alcohol, drugs, general stupidity, and youth all combine to make for dummy amateur criminals just begging for some cop to come along and stumble over them.

The stories about this kind of arrest have sort of become urban legends, except many of them are true. We have all heard the one about the burglar jumping over a wall to try to escape from the cops and landing in the parking lot of the local police station. Or the bank robber writing the demand note on the back of one of his own deposit slips. The Lord knows I’ve been amazed at how easy it was for clients to get picked up. One time I was hired by the family of a guy who robbed a couple of pharmacies. He was caught across the street from his last robbery while waiting for a bus. He could have just walked away.

butt dialing 911Well now we have another shining example courtesy of Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart, who are both 20 years old. That’s them to the right. I know they are presumed innocent in court but we’re not in court, are we? The story starts with these two geniuses talking to each other about buying drugs and what they needed to use to break into vehicles in Fresno, California.

“Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case,” one of the two young gentlemen says to the other. Then they break a car window and start talking about how they just stole prescription drugs from the car. They drove away but a few minutes later as the cops close in one of them says “Oh, he’s following me, dog,” and then “Wow, what the [expletive] did I do?”

How do we know what they were doing and saying you ask? One of them butt dialed 911 on his cell phone. And didn’t notice for 35 minutes. Out of all the number combinations, what are the odds of your rear end picking 9 and then 1 and 1? It’s almost like his butt was trying to turn him in.

The dispatcher who got the 911 call said “What is your emergency?” just like they always do. Nobody responded but the dispatcher heard the guys talking and decided to figure out what they were saying. After determining what was going on and certainly after hearing the car window break the dispatcher helped police zero in on the two heroes of this story. It took a while but it worked.

Hello? Oh, it's your butt calling, saying you're out committing crimes.
Hello? Oh, it’s your butt calling, saying you’re out committing crimes.

When they were questioned after being pulled over the two guys initially denied doing anything wrong. But of course the cops found the stuff stolen from the car they burglarized. The police told the two how they were caught and do you know what one of them said?

“This fool really called 911?” and then “Damn” which about sums it up.

danaluchtWell I think both of them are fools, and the Fresno Police Department is saying they are being charged with burglary, conspiracy and possession of stolen property. These two knuckleheads were easier to nab than the other 911 butt dialer made famous recently, Dana Lucht. The guy she was trying to buy drugs from was Raleigh Reynolds and that’s his mug shot to the right.

Ms. Lucht butt dialed 911 as she was sitting in a car with Raleigh outside a restaurant. The 911 dispatcher was able to listen in as they discussed their drug transaction and traced Lucht’s location using the GPS built into her smartphone. Which was, um, smarter than her. The dispatcher was still listening in on the line when the police officer walked up to Lucht and Raleigh. They had no idea about the 911 call but the dispatcher was able to tell the cops they got the right woman. Lucht was busted with a small amount of marijuana and Raleigh had meth.

The best part is that police were able to show up really quickly to arrest the two of them because it was discovered that the drug deal was going down about one block from a nearby police station. “Everybody had a good laugh, things are normally not that easy,” said Sgt. Chris Long of the local police department.

Low hanging fruit, I tell ‘ya.

-Samuel Owen

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  1. Hi Samuel, ‘low hanging fruit’ is one way to put it. When I first started my blog I thought I would run out of stories about dull witted criminals. There is no chance of that! Thank you much for passing through. I hope you stop in again soon –

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