Manpurses and skateboards

Wedding dress

Men who wear trashy outfits to court are going to have to spend the entire contempt sanction in solitary confinement for their own protection. You may be struggling with your identity or gender issues or whatever but that’s your private business. I don’t care and neither does the Judge. Court sessions are dead damn serious business in which the court addresses the facts of your case, the law, and what the legislature says the Judge can do to you. Don’t screw it up by making the Judge think you are a looney who needs some time in the slammer to learn to be an adult. I mean, why did you think it was a good idea to wear a wedding dress to your probation hearing? At least shave your back.

Don’t bring your stupid fashion accessories to court either. Skateboards have to stay home. The same goes for manpurses. I don’t care if you bought the thing from a poor but highly artistic villager in Venezuela on some church mission trip or something – it looks silly.

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-Samuel Owen

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