The bomb watch

Don’t even think of wearing what some starving artist from California tried to wear through security:

Yeah, that’s a bomb watch.

If you think it sort of looks like the trigger or the timing device for a bomb, then you’re right. That’s exactly what the artist was trying to make it look like. And can you believe the cops fell for it!

The artists who made both of the bomb watches in these pictures thought they were being all creative and fashionable. You know, using their art to express something about man’s inhumanity to man or the timelessness of terrorism or something. The cops hit the alarms thinking they were about to get blown up, and I don’t blame them. Would you? I’ve known for some time that most cops don’t appreciate art and they certainly didn’t see the artistic merit of either bomb watch. The police ended up not charging the first ‘bomb watch artist’ but they said wearing the thing showed “a lack of good judgment” and that he “was not being very smart.”

Another recent bomb watch.
Another recent bomb watch.

Just for the record, the ‘bomb watch artist’ said that even if the cops weren’t fond of his artistic sensibilities, he “is not an activist or a terrorist.” You really need  to rethink your life if you have to say something like that.

Of course I’m still glad the artist cleared the whole terrorist issue but I’m guessing the cops checked his shoes and his underwear VERY closely. I wonder how that went for him? I bet he even got a good old fashioned cavity check, too, just to be sure. This was one artist that got the wrong kind of attention from his audience, my friends.

-Samuel Owen

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