The ‘killer’ t-shirt

The ‘killer’ t-shirt

T.J. Lane at his sentencing hearing.
T.J. Lane at his sentencing hearing.

This is a special version of the bad t-shirt thing I already wrote about. It’s hard to put this into words because the young homicidal maniac who wore one the other day is . . .  I don’t know. The kid in the picture is T.J. Lane, age 18. He killed three fellow High school students by shooting them in the head and wounded three others, one of whom is in a wheel chair because of his injuries. The police say he shot the other kids while waiting for the school bus and ran. When police found him he was sitting on a bench wearing a t-shirt much like the one in the picture.

The arresting officer said he read Lane his rights and Lane told him that he just “killed a bunch of people.” When the arresting officer asked Lane why he did it, Lane said, “I don’t know.” At another point when asked why Lane said, “I don’t really understand myself.”

The officer said Lane told him he was aiming for heads so students wouldn’t suffer.

The arresting officer asked Lane if he was suicidal, used drugs or alcohol, or suffered from depression and Lane replied, “No.” How do you process that kind of thing as a rational human being? I don’t think I know what to think about it. When Lane made a statement to the court at his sentencing hearing, he said “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. F— all of you.” Shortly after that Geauga County Prosecutor James Flaiz said to the Judge “What we’re dealing with is a disgusting human being. … He still refuses to offer any explanation for why he did this. The only explanation I can offer the court is he is an evil person.” I suppose that sums it up as good as anything.

But back to the court clothes. Lane pled guilty to killing three people and some other crimes. The Judge had the option of life without parole or allowing the possibility of parole after a minimum of 26 years. It probably wasn’t much of a difficult issue for the judge after seeing the t-shirt and hearing the insults aimed at the victim’s families. Lane lost the chance to ever get out of prison. He wanted to wear that t-shirt so badly that he was willing to waste the rest of his life and die in a small prison cell somewhere rather than shut up, act like he was sorry for a few minutes, and get out of prison in his late 40’s.

-Samuel Owen

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