Dumb buzz words

I’ve been hearing these a lot and I can’t stand them. I recently heard three Judges joking about a lawyer who kept dropping the first buzzword on this list. They couldn’t stand it and I got the impression that they basically ignored everything else the lawyer was saying because they were being so annoying. These buzzwords are flashy trends in other arenas. Don’t try to sound hip or something.

Synergy. This one is stupid corporate buzzword that was big about ten years ago. It’s been finding its way around so much that it has lost all meaning and become stupidly annoying. What it refers to, since you probably don’t know, is a group of things working together to create something greater than their sum. This term never applies to anything you are going to be discussing in court. Stick to real, concrete examples of normal life. Don’t try to make something sound grandiose and special. The Judges don’t believe it.

Viral. This one is sweeping the internet and news media. They are always saying something is “going viral” when they mean it is becoming popular. Say exactly what you mean. Don’t try to allude to pop culture and be cute. Judges are aware of the usage of “viral” out in the greater world. It doesn’t apply to anything going on in their courtroom and when you try to suggest it does, they cringe at your crass inability to focus.

-Samuel Owen

© Samuel Owen 2012. All rights reserved. Please read important notices and disclaimers by clicking here.

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