I have seen so many scams that I don’t know where to start.  I mean it, too. I’ve probably gotten one new scam case every month or so for far too long to remember. A couple of the scams I’m going to put in this list were things that happened to me. Sometimes it seems like a certain type of guy thinks its funny to try to rip off a lawyer, like it’s a competitive sport for them. They get this triumphant look on their face like they’re having the most fun they have ever had. Until, that is, I make them cry and beg me to stop if they just pay the bill like they should have in the first place.

Just about every lawyer I’ve talked to tells me they have dealt with this stuff so I’m not really worried about putting these things out there. Of course, I don’t want this to be a primer for the next generation of jerks so I’ve changed a few things here and there like the bomb squad guys do during training. No, these are just here as fair warning from someone who learned this stuff the hard way to the new people flooding the market for newbie lawyer jobs.

So here you go, in no particular order of deviousness. Enjoy this list. I’ll keep adding more when I have time.

-Samuel Owen

© Samuel Owen 2012. All rights reserved. Please read important notices and disclaimers by clicking here.

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