Replica guns

Replica gun shoesUm, I’m kind of surprised I have to mention this one but I think I should tell everyone not to wear replica firearms to court. You know, because they freak out the security guards and every cop for ten miles converges on you. You’re gonna be late for your hearing and you might even have the pleasure of showing up wearing an orange jumpsuit accessorized with chains and saucy handcuffs.

I don’t know why these kinds of things have become popular in the last ten years or so. Is it because fashion is a reflection of things in the news, like a mirror we throw up to reflect who we are? Kind of a deep thought for a lawyer, huh. Or do controversies make for daring clothing and we need to make a splash to get noticed and feel good about ourselves? Well what makes more of a splash than guns in your clothing, am I right? The models above sell for something like $60-$100 online. No, I’m not going to post a link.

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All of these shoes are bad ideas, and not just because a couple are really hideous fashion disasters. I mean, really. Cow hooves?

Belt buckle gunThis isn’t limited to shoes, either. Don’t wear that favorite belt buckle that looks like a little gun. There is a well known brand out there that actually is a small .22 caliber firearm that detaches from the face of the belt buckle. That’s one of the real ones to the left. Other models fold up and are designed to hide the fact that they conceal real guns. And as long as we are on the subject, please avoid necklaces with guns, purse straps with guns, hats with guns, and firearm ammunition in any shape or form such as on your keyring or attached to your ears.  Please use your head and stop drawing all kinds of negative attention.

-Samuel Owen

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