I finally made it to the Cosmos. When done right, a Cosmo is a thing of well balanced beauty. I know there are a lot of variations on the standard Cosmo, but for simplicity’s sake I’m basically grouping them all together here.

Despite the image of Carrie sipping these with her friends in New York, a well made Cosmo tastes pretty good. If you’re interested in making them yourself, the key is to use real cranberry juice. It’s expensive and not sweet at all, but worth it. Anyway, the thing is that these drinks were basically unknown until Sex and the City made them famous. Now, years after they were the big fad they are kind of fading away, which is a shame. It’s still OK for a woman to order one but she kind of dates herself a little bit. That, plus she’s going to have to gracefully put up with jokes about Sex and the City. Of course if a guy orders one he’s going to have to put up with another joke from that TV show – the one about setting off everyone’s gaydar.

The lawyer who drinks a Cosmo is sophisticated enough to know how to order a decent drink. You know they have their drinking under control because they didn’t order a vodka martini with a squeeze of cranberry in it, which is the natural progression from Cosmo to full on, hardcore boozing. Someone who orders a Cosmo is going to be really social and wants to talk to everyone because they probably don’t get out too much. These drinks say you’re smart, you have class, and you know what a good drink is for an office gathering.

What it says about you: You loved the TV show but hated the movies. You like Cosmos because they are a big step down from martinis and you’re not a big drinker.

Your hobby: Being social and fun at those mandatory office get-togethers after work. You’re the person who holds the place together.

You wear: Nice, appropriate clothes. They probably have a little peanut butter on a sleeve from one of the kids.

Your car: A Toyota Highlander to cart the kids around to soccer.


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