Types of clients

It struck me the other day that nobody in the legal profession is spending time to really classify the types of clients we deal with. I read the other blogs, basically just to see how far behind the competition is lagging, so I know that nobody is taking on the jerks, idiots, and mean people we deal with all day long.

Maybe it’s just an issue of not biting the hand that feeds you. There’s something to that, I suppose. I’ve never been one to insult a client right to their face because I had to pay my mortgage. Now, though, I’m in a position where I just don’t care. Plus, I think I’m getting really good at spotting the trends that even a blind man could see.

So without further ado, these are my favorite types of clients. Like my other posts, they are in no particular order except that I decided to post them one at a time.

-Samuel Owen

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